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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5134 blindness, natural
5134 blindness, natural

5134 blindness, natural

The inability to see properly. The healing of such physical blindness was one of the many miracles performed by Jesus Christ, who restored sight to the blind at several points during his ministry. Scripture often treats blindness as a symbol of the human inability or refusal to realise the importance of God and the gospel. The restoration of sight can thus be treated as a symbol of coming to faith.

The causes of blindness

A natural affliction Ex 4:11 See also Ge 27:1; Ge 29:17; 1Sa 3:2; 1Sa 4:15; Jn 9:1-3; Ac 22:11; Gal 4:15

A consequence of sin Ge 19:11; Dt 28:28-29; 2Ki 6:18; Ps 69:23; Ac 13:9-11

A result of human cruelty Nu 16:14; Jdg 16:21; 2Ki 25:7 pp Jer 39:7 pp Jer 52:11

Directions to care for the blind

Lev 19:14; Dt 27:18; Job 29:15; Jer 31:8

The healing of blindness

Lk 14:13

The Lord makes blind eyes see 2Ki 6:17,20; Ps 146:8; Isa 35:5; Isa 61:1 fn

The healing of the blind by Jesus Christ Lk 4:18 See also Mt 9:27-30; Mt 11:5 pp Lk 7:21-22; Mt 12:22; Mt 15:30-31; Mt 20:29-34 pp Mk 10:46-52 pp Lk 18:35-43; Mk 8:22-25; Jn 9:6-7; Ac 9:17-18 through Ananias

Blindness as a symbol

Of moral defect Lev 20:4; Dt 16:19; 1Sa 12:3; Pr 28:27; Mt 5:29; Mt 6:23; Mt 18:9; Lk 6:39

Of grief Ge 21:19; 1Sa 2:33; Job 17:7; Ps 6:7; Ps 31:9; Ps 38:10; Ps 88:9; Isa 38:14

Of the powerlessness of idols Ps 115:5 pp Ps 135:16

See also

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