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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5132 biting
5132 biting

5132 biting

The use of teeth to harm, threaten or express frustration. It is illustrative of the effect of slander, cold wind, excessive wine or of God’s judgment.

Biting used literally

An effect of demon-possession See also Mk 9:18

Biting by reptiles and animals Nu 21:6 See also Ecc 10:8,11; Da 6:24

Reptiles and animals prevented from biting Da 6:21-22 See also Mk 16:18; Ac 28:4-5; Heb 11:33

Biting used metaphorically

Of God’s judgment on the wicked Jer 8:17 See also Joel 1:6; Am 5:19; Am 9:3

Of the wicked against God’s people Ac 7:54 See also Ps 35:16; Ps 37:12; La 2:16; 1Co 15:32 A fulfilment of the prophecy of Isa 22:13, indicating that the devouring of God’s people is a part of the greed of the wicked; 2Ti 4:17

Of Satan and demons 1Pe 5:8; Rev 9:8

Of the frustration of the wicked Lk 13:28 See also Ps 112:10; Mt 8:12; Mt 13:42; Mt 22:13; Mt 24:51; Mt 25:30; Rev 16:10

Of quarrelling, slander and treachery Gal 5:15 See also Ge 49:17; Ps 57:4; Ps 58:4; Ps 140:3; Ro 3:13-14; 2Co 12:20

Of a cold wind Job 37:9-10 See also Isa 28:2

Of penetrating sarcasm Mt 23:27-28 See also Ps 115:3-7; Isa 46:5-7; 1Co 4:8; 2Co 12:11-13

Of the effect of excessive wine Pr 23:31-32

See also

9210judgment, God’s

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