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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5126 arm
5126 arm

5126 arm

Used as a symbol of strength and as a means of expressing affection and relationship. Some ornaments are worn on the arm.

Everyday uses of arms

See also Nu 11:12 carrying; Nu 20:11 hitting; 2Sa 22:35 pp Ps 18:34 archery Support: 2Ki 5:18; 2Ki 7:2,17 Harvesting: Ps 129:7; Isa 17:5
Isa 44:12 craftsmanship; Hos 11:3 teaching to walk

The arm as a symbol of human strength

Of physical strength in general Ge 49:24; Jdg 15:14; Jdg 16:12; Pr 31:17; Isa 44:12

Of strength for battle Eze 30:24-25 See also Job 35:9

The arm as a symbol of human weakness

A broken arm expresses defeat Jer 48:25 See also Job 38:15; Ps 10:15; Eze 30:21-22,24-25; Zec 11:17

Restrained arms Jer 40:4; Ac 12:7

Feeble arms need to be strengthened Job 26:2 See also Heb 12:12

Human arms are weak compared with God’s strength Job 40:9 See also 2Ch 32:8

The arm of God as a symbol

Of the might of God Ps 77:15 See also Ps 89:10,13; Isa 63:12; Jer 27:5

Of the power of God to save Nu 11:23 See also Ex 6:6; Dt 9:29; Dt 33:27; 2Ch 6:32; Isa 53:1; Isa 59:1,16

Of the eternity of God Dt 33:27

Of the holiness of God Ps 98:1; Isa 52:10

Arms as an expression of affection and greeting

Used to embrace in greeting Ge 45:14 See also Ge 29:13; Ge 33:4; Ge 46:29; Ge 48:10; Lk 15:20; Ac 20:37

Used to embrace a wife or lover SS 2:6 See also Ge 16:5; 2Sa 12:8; Pr 5:20; SS 8:3; Mic 7:5

Used to embrace the young Mk 10:16 See also Nu 11:12; 2Sa 12:3; 1Ki 17:19,23; 2Ki 4:16; Isa 49:22; La 2:12; Mk 9:36; Lk 2:28; Ac 20:10

Open arms express generosity Pr 31:20

Used in phrases expressing the adoption of false gods See also 1Ki 9:9 pp 2Ch 7:22

The beauty of the arm

SS 5:14

Objects worn on the arm

Ornaments See also Ge 24:30,47; Nu 31:50; 2Sa 1:10; Isa 3:18-19; Eze 16:11; Eze 23:42

Identification marks Ge 38:28,30

Magic charms Eze 13:18,20

See also

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1105God, power of
1140God, the eternal
1210God, human descriptions
1320God as Saviour
5956strength, human
8358weakness, physical

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