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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5119 Solomon, life of
5119 Solomon, life of

5119 Solomon, life of

Solomon succeeded his father David as king and secured Israel’s stability through treaties with foreign powers.

Solomon’s birth

1Ch 3:1-9 See also 2Sa 12:24-25

Solomon’s accession

Adonijah’s rivalry 1Ki 1:5 See also 1Ki 1:11-14,24-25; 1Ki 2:13-25

David’s approval 1Ki 1:30 pp 1Ch 29:23 See also 1Ki 1:32-35; 1Ki 2:1-4

The coronation 1Ki 1:38-40 pp 1Ch 29:21-22 See also 1Ki 2:12

Solomon’s administration of Israel

1Ki 4:7 See also 1Ki 4:20-25,27; 1Ki 10:25-27

Solomon’s building projects

The temple 2Ch 3:1 pp 1Ki 6:1 See also 1Ki 5:5-6,10-11; 1Ki 6:14,37-38; 1Ki 8:63

The palace 1Ki 7:1-3

Other building projects

See also 1Ki 9:15-19; 2Ch 9:20; Ecc 2:6 Solomon’s Pools Solomon’s Colonnade: 1Ki 7:7-8; Jn 10:23; Ac 3:11

Solomon’s many wives

1Ki 11:1-5 See also 1Ki 3:1

Solomon’s death

1Ki 11:42-43 pp 2Ch 9:30-31

See also

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