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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5106 Noah
5106 Noah

5106 Noah

A figure of major importance in the early chapters of Genesis, with whom God established a covenant, the sign of which was the rainbow. The life of Noah (whose name means “rest” or “comfort”) demonstrates God’s ability to save the righteous and destroy the ungodly.

Noah’s righteousness

Noah walked with God Ge 6:8-9 See also Eze 14:14,20

Noah enjoyed God’s protection 2Pe 2:5

Noah illustrates God’s restoring grace after judgment Isa 54:7-10

The history of Noah

Noah’s family See also Ge 5:22-29; 1Ch 1:1-3

Noah built the ark at God’s command Heb 11:7 See also Ge 6:11-21

Noah had three sons Ge 5:32 See also Ge 9:18-19; 1Ch 1:4 The earth was repopulated after the flood, by the descendants of Noah’s sons: Ge 10:1,32

Noah saved his family and animals from the flood Ge 7:7-9 See also Ge 8:18-19; 1Pe 3:20

Noah worshipped the Lord Ge 8:20

God established a covenant with Noah, the sign of which is the rainbow Ge 8:21-22 See also Ge 9:8-9,12-17

Noah lived to a great age Ge 9:28-29

Noah’s character

Noah was obedient Ge 6:22 See also Ge 8:15-19

Noah was reverent Ge 8:20

Noah was a man of the soil Ge 9:20

Noah was subject to human frailty Ge 9:21 Nakedness was seen as shameful by OT writers.

Noah blessed and cursed his sons in a prophetic way See also Ge 9:24-27

Jesus Christ was a direct descendant of Noah

Lk 3:23,36

The last days are likened to the time of Noah

Mt 24:37-39 pp Lk 17:26-27

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