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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5091 Deborah
5091 Deborah

5091 Deborah

An outstanding leader in Israel when the nation faced a crisis of resurgent Canaanite power in the time of the judges. Her name means “bee”.

Deborah’s calling

As a judge Jdg 4:4-5; Jdg 5:7 She was probably called upon to settle intertribal disputes, “mother in Israel” meaning one who promotes the unity of God’s family.

As a prophetess Jdg 4:4,7,9,14

Deborah’s response to the Canaanite threat

She was petitioned by the people Jdg 5:11-12

She appointed Barak commander-in-chief Jdg 4:6

She accompanied the army into battle Jdg 4:8-10

She led the people in victory celebration Jdg 5:1-3,28-31 In this respect she is like Moses and Miriam (Ex 15:1,20).

Deborah’s character

She was wise, decisive, courageous, inspiring and bold Jdg 4:5-9,14; Jdg 5:9,15-17 Her confidence was in God’s word and promise and she did not shrink from rebuking God’s people.

She gave credit to others Jdg 5:14-15,18-19,24-27

She gave glory to God Jdg 5:20-23 These verses are a poetic acknowledgment that God has fought on Israel’s behalf.

She was God’s person for the hour

Jdg 5:31 See also Est 4:14

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