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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5089 David, significance of
5089 David, significance of

5089 David, significance of

David was instrumental in the establishment of Jerusalem as the centre of Israel’s worship. Through David’s personal rule, God exercised his own kingship over his people. David thus foreshadowed the Messiah, who would spring from his royal line.

The historical significance of David

The establishment of Jerusalem as the centre of worship 2Sa 6:1-11 pp 1Ch 13:1-14; 2Sa 6:12-15 pp 1Ch 15:25-28

Preparations for building the temple 1Ch 28:2-9 See also 2Sa 7:1-7 pp 1Ch 17:1-6; 1Ki 8:17-19 pp 2Ch 6:7-9; 1Ch 22:1-19; 1Ch 23:4-5; 1Ch 25:1; 1Ch 26:12; 1Ch 29:1-5

The spiritual significance of David

The son of God and chosen king Ps 2:6-7

An eternal priest See also Ps 110:4

A sign of God’s final victory Ps 2:8-11; Ps 110:1-3

God’s covenant with David 2Sa 7:11-16 pp 1Ch 17:10-14 See also 1Ki 11:11-13; 2Ki 8:19 pp 2Ch 21:7; Ps 89:1-37; Ps 132:12; Isa 55:3; Jer 33:17; Eze 37:21-28; Ac 13:22-23,32-37

David as a type of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ as the Son of David Jer 23:5; Eze 34:23-24 See also Isa 16:5; Mt 1:1; Mt 12:23; Mt 15:22; Mt 21:9; Mt 20:30 pp Mk 10:46-47 pp Lk 18:35-38; Jn 7:41-42; Rev 22:16

Jesus Christ’s kingship is linked with David’s kingship

Lk 1:32-33 See also Isa 9:7; Isa 16:5; Jer 23:5-6; Mt 22:41-46 pp Mk 12:35-37 pp Lk 20:41-44; Ps 110:1

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