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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5088 David, character of
5088 David, character of

5088 David, character of

David, although not perfect, is portrayed as a man and a king after God’s own heart.

David’s appearance and attributes

1Sa 16:18 See also 1Sa 16:12

David’s characteristics

His dependence upon God 1Sa 13:14 See also 1Sa 23:2,4,9-13; Ps 23:1-6; Ps 34:1-7; Ps 54:1-4; Ps 62:1-2; Ps 142:1-7

His trust in God 1Sa 17:34-37 See also 1Sa 17:40-51

His loyalty to others 1Sa 20:41-42 See also 2Sa 9:1,6-7

His respect for those in authority 1Sa 24:1-7 See also 1Sa 26:1-25

His deep humanity is evident in his paternal grief 2Sa 18:32-33 See also 2Sa 13:38-39; 2Sa 18:5; 2Sa 19:1-7

David’s abilities

He was a strategist and courageous commander 2Sa 8:3-6 See also 1Sa 17:34-47; 2Sa 5:6-10,17-25; 2Sa 8:1,13-14; 1Sa 27:5-11

He was a musician and poet 2Sa 23:1 He played the harp: 1Sa 16:18,23; 1Sa 18:10; 1Sa 19:9-10
2Sa 22:1 pp Ps 18:1 Title He sang; 1Ch 16:7; Ps 3:1 Title; Ps 34:1 Title; Ps 51:1 Title; Ps 52:1 Title; Ps 54:1 Title; Ps 63:1 Title

He was a wise leader 2Sa 8:15 See also 2Sa 7:18-29; 2Sa 15:14,25-29,32-36; 2Sa 16:5-12; 2Sa 19:18-29; 2Sa 21:1-9

His military activities prevented him from building the temple 1Ki 5:3; 1Ch 22:7-8

David’s sin and repentance

His adultery with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah 2Sa 11:2-4; 2Sa 12:7-10 See also 2Sa 11:14-17,26-27

His repentance 2Sa 12:13-23; Ps 51:1-19

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