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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5087 David, reign of
5087 David, reign of

5087 David, reign of

David reigned over Judah for seven and a half years and over all Israel for 33 years. He extended the kingdom to the boundaries promised by God to Joshua.

David reigned over Judah in Hebron

2Sa 2:4 See also 2Sa 2:8-11; 2Sa 3:1,12-21

David reigned over Israel in Jerusalem

2Sa 5:3-10 pp 1Ch 11:1-9

David extended the boundaries of the kingdom

2Sa 8:6 See also 2Sa 5:17-25 pp 1Ch 14:8-17; 2Sa 8:1-14 pp 1Ch 18:1-13; 2Sa 10:1-19

David’s kingship

He ruled justly 2Sa 8:15 See also 2Sa 9:1-11; 2Sa 23:3-4

His problems with his children 2Sa 13:1-21

Absalom’s conspiracy 2Sa 15:10 See also 2Sa 15:13-18; 2Sa 18:1-17,28-33; 2Sa 19:4-8; Ps 3:1-8

David’s mightiest warriors were called “the Thirty” 2Sa 23:13-17 pp 1Ch 11:15-19 See also 2Sa 23:24-39 pp 1Ch 11:26-47; 2Sa 23:20-23 pp 1Ch 11:23-25; 1Ch 12:4,16-18; 1Ch 27:5-6

The struggle against the northern supporters of Saul 2Sa 3:1

The revolt led by Sheba 2Sa 20:1-22

The census of Israel and Judah See also 2Sa 24:1-17

Solomon succeeds David despite the claims of Adonijah

1Ki 1:5-53

The death of David

1Ki 2:10-12 pp 1Ch 29:26-28 See also 2Sa 23:1-7; 1Ki 2:1-9

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