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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5086 David, rise of
5086 David, rise of

5086 David, rise of

David rose from humble origins to become Israel’s greatest king. His rise to power is seen by OT writers as evidence of God’s guiding hand upon both David and Israel.

David was the great-grandson of Ruth and Boaz

Ru 4:13-22

David was anointed king by Samuel

1Sa 16:1-13

David was a member of Saul’s court

1Sa 16:17-23 See also 1Sa 18:2,5

David’s defeat of Goliath

1Sa 17:50-51 See also 1Sa 17:4-11,17-26,32-54

David’s friendship with Jonathan

1Sa 18:1 See also 1Sa 19:1-7; 1Sa 20:1-42; 1Sa 23:16-18; 2Sa 1:25-27

The relationship between David and Saul

Saul’s jealousy of David 1Sa 18:9-12 See also 1Sa 18:15,28-29; 1Sa 19:1,9-17; Ps 59:1-4

His flight from Saul 1Sa 23:14 See also 1Sa 21:10; 1Sa 22:1-5; 1Sa 27:1-6; Ps 52:1; Ps 54:1-7; Ps 56:1-2; Ps 57:1-6

His refusal to harm Saul 1Sa 24:3-7 See also 1Sa 26:7-25

His reaction to Saul’s death 2Sa 1:11-12 See also 2Sa 1:17-27

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