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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5076 Abraham, life of
5076 Abraham, life of

5076 Abraham, life of

God called Abraham to live as a nomad in Canaan and promised the land to his descendants, naming him “father of many”, although he had no heir until his old age.

Abraham’s ancestors, marriage and descendants

The line of descent from Shem to Abraham 1Ch 1:24-27

Abraham’s marriage to Sarah Ge 11:29-30

Abraham’s descendants 1Ch 1:28-34

Abraham was called to live in Canaan

His migration from Ur to Canaan Ge 11:31-12:5 See also Jos 24:2-3; Ac 7:2-4; Heb 11:8-9

His nomadic way of life in Canaan Heb 11:9 See also Ge 12:6-10; Ge 13:1-4

God gives Abraham his new name Ge 17:5 The giving of a new name signifies a new relationship to God. “Abram” has the sense of “revered father”, whereas “Abraham” means “father of many people”. See also Ge 17:15

Abraham buys a burial site for Sarah Ge 23:3-4 This is his only acquisition of land in Canaan. See also Ge 23:17-20; Ge 49:29-32

Abraham’s dealings with his nephew, Lot

Ge 12:4-5 Abraham is accompanied to Canaan by Lot; Ge 13:5-12 Abraham and Lot separate; Ge 14:8-16 Abraham rescues Lot from five local kings. Abraham’s intercession for Sodom saves Lot: Ge 18:20-33; Ge 19:29

Significant encounters in Abraham’s life

With Melchizedek: Ge 14:18-20; Heb 7:1-10
Ge 18:1-22 with three angels

God’s covenant with Abraham

God makes a covenant with Abraham Ge 15:1-21 See also Ac 7:5-7

God gives Abram the name Abraham, as a sign of the covenant Ge 17:1-8

God gives Abraham the gift of circumcision as a sign of the covenant Ge 17:9-27 See also Ac 7:8; Ro 4:11

Abraham’s family

Abraham and Sarah were childless Ge 11:30 See also Ge 15:2-3; Ge 17:17; Ge 18:11-13

Abraham’s pretence that Sarah is his sister Ge 12:10-20; Ge 20:1-18

The birth of Ishmael Ge 16:1-4,15-16

The birth of Isaac Ge 21:1-7

Abraham dismisses Hagar and Ishmael Ge 21:8-14

God tests Abraham over Isaac Ge 22:1-19 See also Heb 11:17-19; Jas 2:21

Abraham’s wife Sarah dies Ge 23:1-2

Abraham makes arrangements for a wife for Isaac Ge 24:1-9

Abraham marries Keturah and has children by her Ge 25:1-2 pp 1Ch 1:32

The death of Abraham Ge 25:7-11

The time span of Abraham’s life

Ge 12:4 Abraham leaves Haran at the age of 75. Ishmael is born when Abraham is 86: Ge 16:3,16
Ge 17:1 Abraham renamed and circumcised at the age of 99; Ge 21:5 Isaac born when Abraham is 100; Ge 23:1 Sarah dies when Abraham is 137. Ge 17:17 indicates that Sarah was ten years younger than Abraham; Ge 25:7 Abraham dies at the age of 175.

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