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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5067 suicide
5067 suicide

5067 suicide

The deliberate taking of one’s own life, a rare occurrence in Scripture.

Psychological causes of suicide

A sense of guilt leads to suicide Mt 27:5 See also Ac 1:18-19

Defeat leads to suicide 1Sa 31:4 See also 1Sa 31:5-6 pp 1Ch 10:4-5; 2Sa 1:9; 2Sa 17:23; 1Ki 16:18

Defiance leads to suicide Jdg 16:26-30; 2Sa 17:23

Failure leads to attempted suicide Ac 16:27

Desire for death is more frequently expressed in the Bible than actual suicide

The desire for death in a prophet’s depression 1Ki 19:3-4 See also Jer 15:10; Jer 20:14-18; Jnh 4:1-3 A desire for death does not lead to taking of one’s own life, but to entrusting the place and time of one’s death to the Lord.

The desire for death arising from grief and pain Job 10:1 See also Job 3:1-4; Job 7:15-16

The desire for death because of judgment Rev 9:6 See also Hos 10:8; Rev 6:16

Life hated because of its apparent futility

Ecc 2:17 See also Ps 90:8-10; Ecc 4:1-3

Suicide usurps God’s sovereignty over life

God is Creator, and thus has authority over his creation Job 10:12 See also Ge 2:7,17; Ps 90:1-10; Ps 139:13-15

God controls life and death Job 1:21 See also Ex 23:25-26; Dt 32:39; Job 30:23; Ecc 8:8; Lk 12:22-25; Heb 9:27

Taking life, including one’s own, is sin

Ex 20:13

God’s command that believers love themselves is violated by suicide See also Lev 19:18; Mt 22:39; Eph 5:29

God’s command that believers should love others is violated by suicide Mt 7:12 Relatives and friends are hurt when a loved one commits suicide.

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