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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5063 spirit, nature of
5063 spirit, nature of

5063 spirit, nature of

The life-giving principle of human nature, to be distinguished from the purely physical aspects of life.

The human spirit as distinct from the body

Mt 26:41 pp Mk 14:38 1Th 5:23 See also Ro 8:10; 1Co 5:3-5; 1Co 7:34; 2Co 7:1; Col 2:5; Heb 4:12 “spirit” and “soul” may be two names for the inner being penetrated by the word of God, or they may distinguish the inner person in relation to God (“spirit”) from their relation to the world (“soul”); Jas 2:26; Rev 18:13

The human spirit vitalises the body

Jas 2:26 See also Ge 2:7; Job 34:14; Lk 8:55; 1Co 15:45; Rev 13:15 “breath” is the same word as “spirit” in Greek.

The human spirit as the seat of thought and feeling

The seat of perception Eze 13:3; Mk 2:8; Ro 8:16; 1Co 2:11

The seat of feeling 2Sa 13:39; Job 32:18; Isa 54:6; Isa 57:15; Isa 66:2; Eze 3:14; Da 7:15; Mt 5:3; Lk 1:47; Jn 11:33; Jn 13:21

The seat of volition Mt 26:41 pp Mk 14:38; 2Co 12:18; Php 1:27

The human spirit survives physical death

2Co 5:1-5 See also 1Sa 28:13-14; Mt 10:28; Ac 7:59; Ro 8:23; Heb 12:23; 1Pe 3:19; 1Pe 4:6

Jesus Christ had a human spirit

Jn 13:21 See also Mt 27:50 pp Lk 23:46 pp Jn 19:30; Jn 12:27

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