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5054 responsibility, examples of

5054 responsibility, examples of

Scripture provides examples of individuals and situations in which responsibility is accepted, delegated or denied.

Examples of responsibility accepted

Noah to build the ark Ge 6:13-14,22 See also Heb 11:7

Joseph over Potiphar’s household Ge 39:4 See also Ge 39:1-6

Joseph over the other prisoners Ge 39:22 See also Ge 39:20-23

Joseph over the whole of Egypt Ge 41:39-41 See also Ge 41:55-57; Ge 45:8-9

Levites to be priests Nu 3:5-7 See also Nu 8:5-26

Solomon, not David, to build the temple 1Ch 22:2-10

Ezekiel to be a watchman Eze 3:16-21

Jesus Christ in dying on the cross Php 2:8 See also Mt 26:39; Jn 10:18; Ro 5:19

Examples of delegation of responsibility

Moses chose leaders to judge Ex 18:24-26 See also Ex 18:13-23

The apostles delegated responsibility to seven men Ac 6:3 See also Ac 6:1-6

Responsibility delegated to elders Ac 14:23

Examples of denial of responsibility

Adam and Eve in eating the fruit Ge 3:11-13 God held them both responsible.

Aaron after making the golden calf See also Ex 32:19-24

Saul after not destroying everything belonging to the Amalekites 1Sa 15:3,7-9,15

Pilate after ordering Jesus Christ to be crucified Mt 27:24

Judas after betraying Jesus Christ See also Mt 27:3-5

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