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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5052 responsibility, to God
5052 responsibility, to God

5052 responsibility, to God

Even though God is sovereign, all people everywhere are accountable to him for everything they do, say or think.

People are responsible for their own sins

God is not responsible for human sin Dt 24:16; Eze 18:4 See also Job 19:4; Ps 51:4-5; Jer 31:30; Eze 18:20; Eze 33:1-20; Ro 6:23

Death is the result of sin Ro 5:12; Ro 6:23 See also Ge 3:1-7; Isa 43:27; Eze 18:4; 1Co 15:21-22

The law heightens human responsibility for sin

It brings knowledge of sin Ro 5:20 Because the law brings knowledge of sin, it prevents people from claiming ignorance of the nature and seriousness of that sin. See also Ro 7:7-9; Gal 3:19

It applies not only to actions but also to words and thoughts Mt 5:22,28 See also Jer 17:9-10; Mt 15:18-19

It brings judgment Ecc 12:14; Mt 12:36-37; 1Co 4:5 See also Job 15:5-6; Ro 2:16; Ro 14:12; 2Co 5:10; 1Pe 4:5; Jude 15

Ignorance does not remove responsibility

Lev 5:17 See also Lk 12:48; Ac 3:17-19; Ro 1:20

The responsibility of humanity to repent and believe

It is commanded by God Ac 17:30 See also Eze 18:30; Mt 4:17; Mk 1:15; Mk 6:12; Lk 24:46-47

Jesus Christ’s life and ministry heightens the responsibility to repent Jn 3:18; Jn 15:22 See also Mt 11:20-24; Mt 12:41-42 pp Lk 11:31-32; Jn 12:48

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