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5048 opportunities, and salvation

5048 opportunities, and salvation

God chooses the right moment in his work to save humanity. It is important to seize the opportunities he offers, both in receiving salvation and in working with him to offer it to others.

Israel had opportunities of salvation

At Sinai Ex 19:4-8 God had saved Israel from slavery in Egypt. Now they accepted the opportunity to become his covenant people.

At Shechem Jos 24:14-15 After Israel entered Canaan, Joshua challenged them to forsake idolatry and renew the covenant with the Lord.

The coming of Jesus Christ offers a new and urgent opportunity to respond to God

Mt 3:1-2; Gal 4:4 See also Mt 10:7; Mk 1:15; Ro 5:6

The message of opportunity continues after the resurrection of Jesus Christ

For Israel Ac 3:24-26

For the Gentiles Ac 17:30 See also Ac 17:23,31

God in his mercy gives opportunity to repent and believe

Ro 2:4; 2Pe 3:8-9

The urgency of the need to respond to God’s opportunity of salvation

2Co 6:2; Heb 4:7 See also Ps 95:7-8; Isa 49:8; Isa 55:6-7

God will judge evil at an opportune time

Rev 14:18 See also Rev 14:7

It is possible to refuse the opportunity of salvation, with sad consequences

The lesson of Israel Nu 14:8-10; Ps 95:7-11; 2Co 6:1-2; Heb 4:3,7 Hebrews warns Christians not to miss their chance of blessing.

The seriousness of rejecting the good news Mt 10:14 pp Mk 6:11 pp Lk 9:5; Lk 19:41-42 Jesus Christ wept over Jerusalem because the city didn’t recognise its opportunity; Ac 13:46-51; Ac 28:25-28

Christians should take every opportunity to tell others the good news

Jn 4:35 See also Lk 10:2; 1Co 16:9; Col 4:5; 1Pe 3:15

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