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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5044 names, giving of
5044 names, giving of

5044 names, giving of

Scripture contains many examples of the naming of people and places. Personal names, usually given at birth by parents, were sometimes changed at a later date.

Names may reflect personal experiences

Ge 41:51-52 See also Ge 29:31-35; Ge 30:6-8,18-20,23-24; Ge 35:18; Ex 2:10,21-22; Ex 18:3-4; 1Sa 1:20; 1Ch 4:9

Names may reflect national experiences

1Sa 4:21 See also Ge 10:25 pp 1Ch 1:19; Isa 8:3-4; Hos 1:2-11

Names may indicate future destiny

Mt 1:21 See also Lk 1:31-33

The giving of a name reflects the authority of the giver

Ge 1:5-10; Ge 2:19-20 See also Ge 2:23; Ge 35:18; 2Ki 23:34 pp 2Ch 36:4; 2Ki 24:17; Lk 1:62-63

The changing of names

On divine instruction Ge 17:3-8 See also Ge 17:15-16; Ge 35:9-10; Jn 1:42

In relation to salvation Isa 62:2 See also Isa 65:15; Rev 2:17

In the light of past experience Jdg 6:32 See also Ru 1:20

In the future Zec 8:3 See also Isa 1:26; Isa 44:5; Isa 58:12; Isa 62:4,12; Jer 7:32; Jer 20:3-6; Mal 1:4

In a new culture Ge 41:45 See also Da 1:7

The instance of Paul Ac 13:9 The occasion of and reason for the change from “Saul” to “Paul” are not clear.

Place-names may reflect events or experiences

Ge 11:8-9; Ge 16:13-14; Ge 19:21-22; Ge 21:31; Ge 26:32-33; Ge 28:18-19; Ge 31:45-50; Ge 32:1-2,30; Ge 33:17; Ge 35:7-8

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