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5043 names, significance of

5043 names, significance of

Labels that idenitfy individuals. They may also denote aspects of character or reputation.

A name may reflect an individual’s nature

1Sa 25:25 See also Ge 17:5 “Abraham” means “father of many”; Ge 32:27-29 “Israel” means “he struggles with God”; Ex 34:14; Mk 5:9 pp Lk 8:30

Additional names or nicknames Mk 3:17 In NT times an additional name or surname reflecting someone’s character was sometimes appended to the given name. See also Lk 6:15; Jn 1:42 “Cephas” and “Peter” mean “rock” in Aramaic and Greek respectively; Ac 4:36

A name may indicate an individual’s reputation and standing in the community

A good name indicates a good reputation Pr 22:1 See also Pr 3:4; Pr 10:7; Ecc 7:1; SS 1:3

A bad name indicates a bad reputation Ne 6:13 See also Dt 22:13-19; Pr 25:9-10

Survival of one’s name is important

Ru 4:9-10 See also Ge 48:15-16; Nu 27:1-4; Dt 25:7-9; 2Sa 18:18; Job 18:17-19

Preservation of a name indicates divine blessing Isa 56:4-5 See also Ge 12:1-3; 2Sa 7:9 pp 1Ch 17:8; 1Ki 1:47; Isa 66:22

Obliteration of a name is associated with death

Jer 11:19 See also Dt 7:24; Dt 9:14; 2Sa 14:7; 2Ki 14:27

Obliteration of a name is often linked with divine judgment

Ps 9:5-6 See also Dt 29:20; Ps 109:13; Isa 14:22-23; Isa 48:18-19; Na 1:14

Bearing someone’s name indicates ownership or identification

Rev 22:3-4 See also Ex 23:21; 2Ch 7:14; Dt 28:10; Isa 43:6-7; Jer 14:9; Da 9:18-19; Rev 3:12; Rev 14:1; Rev 22:4

God knows his people by name

Isa 43:1 See also Ex 33:12,17; Isa 45:3; Isa 49:1; Jn 10:3

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