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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5038 mind, the human
5038 mind, the human

5038 mind, the human

On account of its inner orientation the fallen human mind is in conflict with the mind of God. It is nevertheless capable of knowing God, and of being changed and renewed by him.

The human mind is the seat of reason and decision-making

Job 12:1-3 See also 1Ch 17:2; 2Ch 7:11; Ne 5:7; Ps 19:14; Ps 49:3; Pr 15:28; Pr 19:21; Ecc 2:3; Ecc 8:16; Da 4:16; Da 5:12; Da 7:1; Ro 10:10; Ro 14:5; 1Co 14:14-15; 1Pe 1:13; Rev 17:9

The fallen human mind

The human mind is fatally flawed by sin Jer 17:9 See also Ge 6:5; Ge 8:21; 2Ch 12:14; Ps 5:9; Ps 64:6; Ps 73:7; Isa 32:6; Jer 17:1; Ro 8:5-8; Eph 4:17-18

Even the fallen mind can know something of God through creation Ro 1:19-20

The fallen mind tends to confuse the Creator with his creation Isa 44:16-18 See also Ro 1:21-25

Consequences of the human mind’s sinfulness

Sinful attitudes lead to sinful words and actions Mt 15:19 pp Mk 7:21-22 See also Ro 1:28-32; Eph 4:17-19; Col 2:18; 1Ti 6:5; 2Ti 3:8

Sinfulness leads to death Ro 2:5 See also Ro 6:23; Col 1:21

Doubt and instability Jas 1:6-8

God can change the attitudes of the sinful human mind

The mind can be convicted of sin Ps 51:3 See also 1Ki 2:44; Jn 16:8-11

The mind can be changed 1Th 1:9 See also 2Ch 32:26; Job 42:6; Ps 119:36; Ac 2:37; Ac 26:17-18

It is God who enlightens the mind 2Co 4:6 See also Dt 29:4 God may withhold understanding; 1Sa 10:9; Job 38:36; Isa 32:4; Jer 24:7; Jer 31:33; Jer 32:39; Eze 11:19; Eze 18:31; Eze 36:26-27; Ro 2:4; 2Co 3:14

It is God who renews the human mind

Ps 51:10 See also Tit 3:3-7

The renewed mind of the believer

Ro 12:1-2

Renewal brings knowledge of God Col 1:9-10

Renewal brings peace Php 4:7 See also Isa 26:3

Renewal leads to obedience Ro 8:5 See also Ro 7:25; Ro 12:1-2; Col 1:10; Col 3:1-2; 1Pe 1:13; Heb 8:10; Heb 10:16; Jer 31:33

The believer’s mind needs growth and renewal 2Co 11:3 See also Ro 7:22-23; Eph 1:17; Col 1:9

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