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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5037 mind, of Christ
5037 mind, of Christ

5037 mind, of Christ

The mind of Christ reveals the essence of God’s nature. Jesus Christ desires that his followers adopt his attitudes; this comes about through the work of the Holy Spirit.

The mind of Christ discloses the mind of God

In relation to righteousness, holiness and the law Jn 14:9-11 See also Mt 5:17; Jn 15:10; 1Co 1:30

In mercy 1Ti 1:15-16 See also Mt 9:12-13 pp Mk 2:17 pp Lk 5:31-32; Hos 6:6; Mt 23:23; Jude 21

The mind of Christ is made known to believers by the Holy Spirit

Jn 14:26 See also Jn 16:12-15; Ro 8:9; 1Co 2:11-13

The plans and purposes of Jesus Christ are made known to the first Christians by the Spirit Ac 16:6-7 See also Ac 8:29; Ac 10:19; Ac 11:12,28; Ac 13:2; Ac 15:28

Knowledge of the mind of Christ leads to holiness

1Co 2:14-16 See also Php 2:5-11; 1Pe 4:1-2

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