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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5025 killing
5025 killing

5025 killing

Depriving another person or animal of life, usually by physical force. Scripture identifies various types of killing. While forbidding murder, killing of human beings is permitted in the form of execution and war. Animals may be killed for food or sacrifice, provided that the blood is ritually disposed of.


Murder prohibited by the sixth commandment Ex 20:13 pp Dt 5:17

Murder prohibited from the time of Noah See also Ge 9:5-6; Lev 17:11

The life of the murderer is forfeit Ge 9:6

Judicial killing

Judicial killing permitted for capital crimes Ex 21:12 See also Ex 22:18-20; Dt 17:8-13; Dt 21:18-21; Dt 22:21-27

Executed criminals are under the curse of God Dt 21:23

Unintentional killing (manslaughter)

The accidental killing of a fellow human being Ex 21:13 See also Dt 4:41-42

The provision of cities of refuge to avoid blood revenge Dt 19:2-13 Blood revenge, based on Ge 9:6, refers to the judicial revenge of a family or clan against a man who accidentally kills one of their members.

Killing in war

Killing in a holy war Jos 6:17,21

Killing in other wars Dt 20:10-15

The killing of animals

Regulations for disposal of blood Lev 17:3-7,11

Animals may be killed at a distance from the sanctuary Dt 12:15-16

Limitations on the killing of animals Dt 22:6-7 This limitation appears to be an attempt to preserve the balance of nature.

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