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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5002 human race, and creation
5002 human race, and creation

5002 human race, and creation

Although the human race is the pinnacle of God’s creative work, it shares the inherent limitations of the physical realm. Human beings are nevertheless given responsibility to manage and steward the world.

The human race is an integral part of the physical creation

The human race was created from the ground Ge 2:7 The Hebrew word for man, “adam” sounds like the Hebrew word for ground “adamah”. See also Ge 3:17-19; Job 10:8-9; Ps 103:13-14

The human race was created on the same day as the animals Ge 1:24-27

The human race was created from dust like the animals Ge 2:7,19

The human race is set apart from the rest of creation

The human race is uniquely created in God’s image Ge 5:1-2 See also Ge 1:26-27; Ge 9:6; Jas 3:9

The human race is given authority to take care of creation Ge 1:26-28 See also Ge 2:15; Ge 9:1-3; Ps 8:3-8; Heb 2:5-8

The human race is created with the power of choice Ge 2:16-17 See also Ge 2:19

Human beings are created accountable to God for their actions Mt 12:36 See also Eze 18:20; Jn 3:18-19; Ro 2:14-15; Rev 2:23

The human race is created dependent upon God Mt 4:4; 2Co 3:5 See also 2Ch 20:12; Jer 10:23; Jas 4:13-15

The human race comprises two complementary genders

Ge 2:18-24 See also Ge 1:26-27; Ge 5:1-2

The human race is one entity with a common ancestry in Adam

Ac 17:26 See also Ge 9:18-19; Ge 10:32-11:1

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