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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4978 year
4978 year

4978 year

A period of twelve months, with additional periods inserted to bring the lunar year into line with the solar year. Certain calendar years have special significance. The term also denotes an indeterminate time when God will intervene to restore his people and punish his enemies.

The year made up of 12 months

1Ki 4:7 See also 1Ch 27:1-15; Est 2:12; Da 4:29; Rev 22:2

The start of the year

The start of the religious year Ex 12:2 The exodus from Egypt in Abib (March April) marked a new beginning in the life of God’s people. See also Lev 23:5 pp Nu 28:16 Abib is referred to as the first month; 2Ch 35:1; Ezr 6:19

The start of the agricultural year Ex 23:16 The Feast of Ingathering (or Tabernacles) was celebrated in the seventh month. See also Ex 34:22; Lev 23:23-24 pp Nu 29:1

God’s blessing through the year

Ps 65:9-13 See also Dt 11:11-15; Dt 28:12

A thousand years as one day

Ps 90:4; 2Pe 3:8

Special years

The sabbatical year Lev 25:1-7 See also Ex 23:10-11; Lev 25:20-22 God’s provision for the seventh year Dt 15:1 See also Dt 15:9; Ne 10:31; Dt 31:10-13 the law of God to be read every seventh year at the Feast of Tabernacles

The Year of Jubilee Lev 25:8-10 The Year of Jubilee began in the seventh month. See also Lev 25:11-12 The Year of Jubilee is a sabbath year; Lev 25:13 Each Hebrew is to return to his family property; Lev 25:28 Land is returned to its original owner; Lev 25:40 Hebrew slaves are to be released; Lev 25:54

Hebrew slaves released in the seventh year Ex 21:2 pp Dt 15:12 See also Jer 34:14

The year of the Lord’s favour

Isa 61:1-3 This has echoes of the Year of Jubilee and points to the time when God will restore his people. See also Lk 4:18-21; Isa 49:8-9; 2Co 6:2
Isa 63:4 Salvation for God’s people is accompanied by judgment on his enemies.

The year of punishment

See also Jer 11:23; Jer 23:12; Jer 48:44

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