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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4971 seasons, of life
4971 seasons, of life

4971 seasons, of life

Appropriate or appointed periods of time which are part of the variety and development of human life and experience and which influence human affairs. The times and seasons for individuals and nations are set by God, who works all things together towards the final fulfilment of his purposes.

The seasons of life are appointed by God

The seasons of individual lives Ecc 3:1-8; Ps 31:15 See also Job 14:5; Ps 139:16; Ecc 3:11; Ro 8:28; Jas 4:13-15

The seasons of nations and the world Da 2:21; Ac 17:26 See also Da 4:17; Da 7:25; Ac 1:7

A time to die

The transience of human life Ps 103:15-16 See also Job 7:6-8; Job 14:1-2; Ps 37:2; Ps 102:11; Ecc 6:12

Death comes at its appointed time Job 5:26 See also Ge 47:29; 1Ki 2:1; Lk 12:20

Times of sadness and joy

A time to mourn Ge 27:41; Ge 37:34; Ge 50:3-4; Dt 34:8; Jer 4:28

A time to rejoice Jn 16:21-22 See also Dt 28:47; Est 9:22; Isa 61:2-3

A time to speak

Pr 15:23; Pr 25:11; 2Ti 4:2 Christians are to be always ready to share the gospel.

Times appointed for the world

The rise and fall of nations Da 2:37-45; Da 8:19-25; Da 11:2-4,24-27; Lk 21:24

The time to receive God’s salvation 2Co 6:2 See also Isa 49:8; Isa 55:6; Heb 4:7

The time of God’s judgment Dt 32:35; Eze 30:3; Zep 2:2; Ac 17:31

Times appointed for God’s people

Times for worship Lev 23:4 See also Ex 34:18; Nu 9:2-3; Nu 10:10

Times of blessing Ps 102:13 See also Eze 34:26; Ac 3:19; Ac 7:17

A time of vindication Da 7:21-22 See also Ac 1:6; Ro 8:18; 1Pe 5:6

Times of testing Ps 66:10; Eze 21:3; Mt 13:21 pp Mk 4:17 pp Lk 8:13; 1Pe 1:6-7; Rev 2:10

Times for withdrawal or solitude Mk 1:35 See also 1Ki 17:2-6; Mk 6:30-32; Gal 1:17

Waiting for God’s appointed time Hab 2:3 See also Ro 8:23-25; Heb 9:28; Heb 11:13

Times appointed for Jesus Christ

The appointed time of his birth Gal 4:4

The appointed time of his death Jn 12:23 See also Mt 26:18; Mk 14:41; Lk 9:51; Jn 2:4; Jn 7:6-8; Jn 12:27; Jn 13:1

The appointed time of his return Lk 21:8; Ac 3:20-21; Ac 17:31; 1Co 4:5; Rev 1:3

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