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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4954 morning
4954 morning

4954 morning

The period of time roughly between dawn and noon. Morning was an assigned time for worship, sacrifice and prayer. The morning light uncovers events of the night and provides opportunity for renewed daily activity. God’s blessings are received new every morning, and the start of a new day symbolises renewal and hope.

Morning as the start of a new day

The period of time created by God Ge 1:5 See also Ge 1:8; Ex 18:13-14 The working day is reckoned from morning till evening; Ex 27:21 The night is reckoned from evening till morning; Job 38:12

The transience of morning mist Isa 44:22; Hos 6:4; Hos 13:3

Morning as a symbol of renewed hope Ps 30:5 See also Ps 130:6; Isa 21:11-12; Isa 26:19

The Messiah brings a new morning Mal 4:2; 2Pe 1:19 See also Lk 1:78-79; Ro 13:12; 1Jn 2:8; Rev 2:28; Rev 22:16

The sky in the morning Mt 16:3

Morning as an opportunity for activity

A time for travel Ge 19:2; Ge 22:3; Ge 31:55; Nu 9:21; Nu 22:21; Jos 3:1; 1Sa 17:20

A time for battle Jos 8:10-14; Jdg 9:33; 2Ki 3:21-23; 2Ch 20:20

A time to begin daily labour Ru 2:7 See also Ecc 11:6; Mt 20:1

A time to begin important activity Ex 9:13; Ex 34:2-4 See also Ex 7:15; Ex 8:20; 1Ki 18:26; Ac 23:12; Ac 28:23

A time to respond to nightly revelation Ge 20:8; Ge 28:18; Ge 41:8

A time to administer justice Jer 21:12; Zep 3:5

Morning as a time of revelation

A time of discovery Ge 29:25; 2Ki 19:35 pp Isa 37:36 See also Ge 19:27-28; Jdg 6:28; 1Sa 5:4; Isa 17:14; 1Ki 3:21; 2Ki 6:15; Ac 12:18; 1Co 4:5

Morning brings God’s revelation Ex 16:7-8 See also Nu 16:5; Jos 7:14; 1Sa 9:19; Isa 50:4; Eze 12:8

Morning devotions

A time for offering sacrifices Eze 46:13-15 See also Ex 29:38-40; Ex 36:3; Nu 28:3-5; 1Ch 16:40; 2Ch 2:4; 2Ch 13:11; 2Ch 29:20-21; Job 1:5

A time for prayer Ps 88:13 See also Ps 5:3; Ps 55:17; Mk 1:35

A time to praise God Ps 92:1-3 See also 1Ch 23:30; Ps 59:16; Ps 65:8

Priestly duties each morning Ex 30:7 burning incense; Lev 6:12 making the burnt offering

God’s blessings are received new each morning

La 3:22-23 See also Ex 16:12-15 God’s provision of manna in the desert; 1Ki 17:6 God supplies Elijah with food; Ps 90:14; Isa 33:2

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