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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4948 hour
4948 hour

4948 hour

One twelfth of the period of daylight between sunrise and sunset. Measurement of time in biblical days was often approximate, referring most frequently to the broad divisions of time marked by the third, sixth and ninth hours. The term also denotes a significant or appointed moment or period of time, especially the hour of Jesus Christ’s suffering and his return.

Hour as a period of time

A measured interval Jn 11:9 See also Mt 20:9-12 The working day lasted twelve hours; Lk 22:59; Ac 19:34; Rev 8:1

Symbolising a brief time Mt 6:27 pp Lk 12:25 See also Mt 26:40 pp Mk 14:37 God’s judgment will come quickly: in a single hour: Rev 17:12; Rev 18:10,17,19

Symbolising a significant period Ecc 9:12 See also Lk 22:53 Darkness provides an hour of opportunity for the powers of evil.

Hours denoting specific times of day

Mt 20:3-5 The third, sixth and ninth hours marked the principal divisions of the day.

The third hour: 9 a.m Mk 15:25 See also Ac 2:15

The sixth hour: noon Jn 4:6 See also Ge 43:16; 1Ki 18:27; Job 5:14; Mt 27:45 pp Mk 15:33 pp Lk 23:44

The ninth hour: 3 p.m Mt 27:46 pp Mk 15:34 See also Ac 3:1; Ac 10:30

Midnight Ex 11:4 See also Ps 119:62; Mt 25:6; Mk 13:35; Ac 16:25

Other hours of the day Jn 4:52 the seventh hour: 1 p.m; Jn 1:39 the tenth hour: 4 p.m; Mt 20:6 the eleventh hour: 5 p.m.

A particular unnamed time of day Mt 8:13 See also Mt 15:28; Lk 22:14; Ac 16:33; Rev 11:13

Hour as an appointed time in God’s purpose

The hour of Jesus Christ’s suffering Jn 12:23-24 See also Mt 26:45 pp Mk 14:41; Mk 14:35; Jn 12:27

The unexpected hour of Jesus Christ’s return Mt 24:36 pp Mk 13:32 See also Mt 24:42-44 pp Lk 12:39-40; Mt 25:13

The time before Jesus Christ’s return Ro 13:11 See also 1Jn 2:18

The hour of God’s judgment Rev 14:7

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