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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4942 fulness
4942 fulness

4942 fulness

The totality of something, as it is brought to completion by being filled. Jesus Christ is seen as expressing the full nature and purposes of God, so that believers may rest assured that, through Christ, they know God as he really is. Believers are also being brought to fulness through the gospel, although the final fulness of joy and understanding will take place only in the future kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ, the fulness of God

Jesus Christ, the fulness of God’s nature Col 2:9-10 See also Col 1:19

Jesus Christ, the fulness of God’s attributes Jn 1:14 See also Jn 1:16

Christians and the church enjoy fulness through Jesus Christ

Eph 4:11-13 See also Jn 10:10; Eph 1:22-23; Eph 3:14-19; Col 2:9-10

Believers receive fulness of joy from God

1Pe 1:8-9 See also Ps 16:11; Jn 17:13; Ac 16:29-34; Ro 15:13

The fulness of knowledge and understanding

Fulness of understanding comes through Jesus Christ Col 2:2-3 See also Ro 15:14; Col 1:9; Phm 6

Fulness of understanding is only fully realised when believers see God face to face 1Co 13:12

Believers should be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit

Eph 5:18 See also Ac 2:1-4; Ac 4:31; Ac 6:3-4; Ac 13:52

Believers receive the fulness of God’s love through Jesus Christ

1Jn 4:12 See also 1Jn 4:16-18

God works out his purposes in the fulness of time

Eph 1:9-10 See also Lk 21:24 Whatever the precise meaning of the phrase “the times of the Gentiles”, it clearly indicates the sovereignty of God over times and events; Gal 4:1-5

Fulness indicating the completion of God’s saving activity amongst both Jews and Gentiles

Ro 11:25 See also Ro 11:11-12

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