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4937 fate, and fatalism

4937 fate, and fatalism

The belief that all things are predetermined, especially by the stars, removing human freedom and responsibility. Scripture affirms human freedom and responsibility and declares that the sun, moon and stars are all part of God’s creation and are subject to him.

The heavenly bodies subject to God’s authority

The heavenly bodies are created by God Ge 1:14-18; Job 9:9; Ps 8:3; Ps 74:16; Ps 148:3-5; Am 5:8

The heavenly bodies are subject to the rule and providence of God Isa 40:26 See also Job 38:31-32; Ps 104:19; Jer 31:35; Mt 5:45

The biblical rejection of fatalism in human choice

Human beings are free to choose between right and wrong Dt 11:26-28 See also Dt 30:15-19; Eze 18:21-23

Human beings are free to call upon the name of the Lord Joel 2:32; Ac 2:21; Ro 10:11-13

Human beings are free to seek the Lord 1Ch 28:9; Isa 55:6

Human beings are free to come to the Lord Rev 22:17 See also Mt 11:28

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