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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4933 evening
4933 evening

4933 evening

The time between the fading of daylight and nightfall. The onset of darkness marks the end of the working day and is a time for rest and refreshment. It is an assigned time for sacrifice and an opportunity for reflection and prayer. The evening also brings dangers.

Evening marks the end of the day

Evening and God’s work of creation Ge 1:5

The onset of darkness Pr 7:9 Evening shadows soon disappear in the darkness: Ps 102:11; Ps 109:23
Jer 6:4

Days reckoned from evening to evening Ex 12:18; Lev 23:32 The Sabbath began at sunset on Friday.

Ritual uncleanness lasts until evening Lev 11:39-40; Lev 17:15; Nu 19:7-8; Dt 23:11

Waiting on God until evening Jos 7:6 See also Jdg 20:23,26-27; Jdg 21:2-3

Mourning until evening 2Sa 1:12

City gates shut at evening Jos 2:5; 2Ki 7:9-11; Ne 13:19; Eze 46:2

Executed criminals to be buried by evening Dt 21:22-23; Jos 8:29; Jos 10:26; Mt 27:57-58 pp Mk 15:42-43 pp Lk 23:52-54; Jn 19:31

Evening as a time for refreshment

A time to rest from labour Ps 104:23; Lk 21:37 See also Jdg 19:16; Ru 2:17; Job 7:2; Zep 2:7; Mt 20:8; Mk 4:35-38 pp Mt 8:23 pp Lk 8:22-23

A time to rest from travel Jdg 19:9 See also Ge 19:1-2; Nu 9:21; Lk 24:29

A time to return home Mt 21:17 See also Ge 30:16; Mk 11:11,19; Jn 6:16-17

A time to eat Ex 16:12; 1Ki 17:6; Mt 14:15; Jn 13:2

A time for reflection and prayer Ge 24:63 See also Ps 55:17; Ps 141:2; Mt 14:23 pp Mk 6:46

Evening religious duties

The evening sacrifice Ex 29:38-41 See also Nu 28:8; 1Ch 16:40; Ezr 3:3 The time of the evening sacrifice, probably about 3 p.m.: 1Ki 18:29; Ezr 9:4-5; Da 9:21

Lighting the lamps in the sanctuary Ex 30:8 See also Ex 27:21 pp Lev 24:3

The Passover sacrifice Ex 12:6 See also Lev 23:5; Nu 9:2-5; Dt 16:6; Jos 5:10; Mt 26:20 pp Mk 14:17-18; Lk 22:14

Adulterous behaviour in the evening

2Sa 11:2-4; Job 24:15; Pr 7:14-20

Other evening activities

Mt 8:16 pp Mk 1:32 pp Lk 4:40 People came to Jesus Christ after sunset, when the Sabbath was over. See also Ge 24:11 Water collected in the evening, the coolest time of the day; Mt 16:2 Red sky in the evening as a sign of fair weather

The dangers of the evening

Isa 17:14; Zep 3:3 Israel’s rulers are likened to wolves who prowl in the evening looking for food. See also 2Ki 7:7; Ps 59:6; Hab 1:8

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