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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4925 delay, divine
4925 delay, divine

4925 delay, divine

Delays by God do not result from any failure on his part, but reflect unrealistic human expectations concerning his actions. God delays his vengeance in order to give time for human repentance.

God delays to allow for repentance

To give time for repentance Lk 13:6-9; Ro 2:4; 2Pe 3:8-9 See also Mt 3:7-11 pp Lk 3:7-10; 1Ti 2:4; Jas 5:7; Rev 2:21

In response to repentance 1Ki 21:29 See also 1Ki 21:21-28

Where there is no repentance, God does not delay Eze 12:25 See also Eze 21:24-26; Rev 2:16

God delays judgment for the sake of his name

Isa 48:9 See also Ne 9:30-31

Jesus Christ delayed visiting Lazarus for God’s glory

Jn 11:1-6 See also Jn 11:11-23,38-44

The giving of the Holy Spirit was delayed until Pentecost

Lk 24:49 See also Ac 1:4; Ac 2:1-4

God acts when he wants and nothing can delay him

Heb 10:37 Referring to the second coming of Jesus Christ. See also Hab 2:3 Referring to the Lord’s delay in sending the Babylonians to conquer Judah and take her inhabitants into exile; Rev 22:20

Other examples of delay

Ex 32:1

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