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4860 wind

4860 wind

In Hebrew the same word can denote “breath”, “wind” or “spirit”. Scripture describes the powerful effect of wind, and uses the image figuratively to speak of God’s power and presence in the world.

The origins of the wind

Ex 14:21-22; Ps 78:26; Am 4:13 See also Ge 8:1 A wind caused the flood waters to recede; Ex 10:13-14 An east wind brought the plague of locusts on Egypt; Ex 10:19; Nu 11:31 A wind brought quail to feed the Israelites; Job 28:25; Ps 107:25; Ps 135:7; Ps 148:7-8; Isa 11:15; Jer 10:13; Eze 13:13; Jnh 1:4; Jnh 4:8

The effects of the wind

1Ki 19:11; Eze 27:26; Ac 27:13-15 See also Ge 41:5-6; Job 1:18-19; Job 37:9,17-18; Da 7:2; Mt 14:24; Lk 12:55; Jn 6:16-18; Jas 3:4

Wind used figuratively

As an image of the Holy Spirit Jn 3:8 The Greek word for “Spirit” is the same as that for “wind”, allowing Jesus Christ to play on the double meaning of the word.

As an image of spiritual instability Jas 1:6

As an image of destruction Ps 103:15-16; Mt 7:24-27 See also Job 21:17-18; Ps 1:4; Ps 48:7; Isa 17:13; Isa 32:2; Jer 4:11-12; Jer 22:22; Eze 19:12; Da 2:34-35; Hos 8:7; Am 1:14; Hab 1:9; Eph 4:14; Jude 12; Rev 6:12-13

As an image of something insubstantial Ecc 1:14 See also Job 6:26; Pr 11:29; Pr 27:15-16; Isa 26:18; Jer 5:13; Hos 12:1

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