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4842 north

4842 north

The geographical direction opposite to south, often used to demonstrate the vast extent between the two.

North as a point of the compass

Job 37:22 See also Ge 13:14; Dt 2:3; Jos 18:5; Ecc 11:3; Isa 14:31; Jer 1:13-15; Jer 3:18 Although geographically situated to the east of Israel, invaders from Mesopotamia had to enter the country from the north, following the land route around the desert areas; Jer 46:6; Eze 8:5; Eze 26:7; Am 8:12; Zep 2:13

North and south used to demonstrate vast extent

Ge 28:14 See also Job 23:9; Isa 43:6; Eze 20:47; Eze 21:4; Da 8:4; Zec 6:6

The north wind

Pr 25:23 See also Ecc 1:6; SS 4:16; Eze 1:4

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