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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4824 famine, spiritual
4824 famine, spiritual

4824 famine, spiritual

A state of spiritual hunger arising from a failure to experience the presence and joy of God. Scripture describes such experiences, indicates one ultimate cause to be unbelief and points to ways in which this famine can be relieved.

The experience of spiritual famine

God’s word is withheld Am 8:11-12 See also 1Sa 3:1; Ps 74:9; La 2:9; Eze 7:26; Lk 23:8-9

God’s Spirit is withheld Ps 51:11 See also Ps 107:33-34

Causes of spiritual famine

Sin Isa 59:2

Unbelief Ac 13:46 See also Ac 28:25-28

Worldliness Isa 55:2

False beliefs Isa 8:19-22

Self-satisfaction Rev 3:17 It is possible to be well-fed physically but famished spiritually.

Testing God See also Ps 78:18-19,29-31

God testing his servants Job 23:3,8-10

Consequences of spiritual famine

Spiritual weakness Ps 119:81 See also Ps 84:2

Loss of hope and joy Joel 1:16 See also Ps 51:12

Relief of spiritual famine

Relief is promised to God’s people Ps 107:9 See also Ps 85:8-13; Isa 58:11; Isa 65:21; Am 9:13-15

Relief comes through Jesus Christ Jn 6:35 See also Isa 9:1-3; Lk 1:53; Jn 6:32-33,48,50,58; 1Co 10:3-4

Relief comes by the word Isa 55:10-11 See also Mt 4:4 pp Lk 4:4; Dt 8:3

Relief comes by the Spirit Ac 2:17 See also Joel 2:28; Ps 107:35-38; Isa 35:1-10; Isa 44:3

Final relief is found in heaven Rev 7:16 See also Isa 49:9-10; Ps 16:11; Rev 21:6

Conditions of relief from spiritual famine

It is offered freely Isa 55:1 See also Jn 7:37; Rev 22:17

It is for those who desire it Mt 5:6 See also Lk 6:21

It is for those who pray Ps 107:4-9; Jas 5:16

It is for those who repent Ps 81:8-10; Isa 64:9-10; Hos 14:1-8; Joel 2:13-14

It is for those who have patience Jas 5:7 See also Ps 126:4-6; Ecc 11:1; Jn 4:35; Jas 5:16-18

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