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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4807 colours
4807 colours

4807 colours

A wide range of colours are mentioned in Scripture, some being used symbolically.

Colours mentioned in Scripture

White Ge 49:12; 2Ki 5:27

Blue Est 1:6; Eze 27:24 See also Ex 26:1; Ex 39:22

Yellow Rev 9:17 See also Lev 13:30

Green Mk 6:39 An indication as to the season; the grass is green in Galilee in spring. All the references are to plants or foliage: Ge 1:30; Ps 23:2; Jer 17:8; Rev 8:7

Red 2Ki 3:22; Mt 16:2 See also Ge 25:30; Ex 36:19; Rev 12:3

Purple Mk 15:17 All the references are to rich or royal cloth: Nu 4:13; Pr 31:22; Da 5:7; Ac 16:14

Scarlet Isa 1:18 See also Ge 38:28; Ex 35:23 Purple, scarlet, crimson and red are closely related and sometimes interchangeable in Scripture; Nu 4:8; SS 4:3; Mt 27:28; Rev 17:4

Crimson Isa 63:1 See also 2Ch 2:7

Black SS 5:11 See also Rev 6:12

The whole spectrum Eze 1:28 See also Rev 4:3; Rev 10:1

Colours used symbolically

Rev 6:2 White here symbolises conquest; Rev 17:3 See also Rev 6:4 bloodshed and war; Rev 6:8 death Blessedness and purity: Rev 7:9; Rev 19:14,11
Rev 20:11 holiness

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