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4696 yoke

4696 yoke

The wooden collar which joins two animals, usually oxen, to enable them to pull together. Used metaphorically the term may denote the partnership of those who share a yoke or, more usually, the subjection of those under a yoke. As his covenant partners God’s people are yoked to him and he will break the oppressive yoke of their enemies.

Literal references to yokes

1Sa 6:7; 1Ki 19:19 See also Job 1:3; Job 42:12; Lk 14:19 Cows that have never been yoked are offered as sacrifices: Nu 19:2; Dt 21:3 Ox yokes are used to burn slaughtered animals: 2Sa 24:22; 1Ki 19:21

God’s yoke

Jer 2:20 See also Jer 5:5
Mt 11:29-30

The yoke as a symbol of partnership

Partnership in Jesus Christ’s service Php 4:3

Unsuitable partnerships 2Co 6:14-16 Marriage to unbelievers: Ge 24:3-4; 1Ki 11:4; 1Co 7:39 Involvement with pagan gods: Nu 25:2-3; Ps 106:28; 1Co 10:18-21
1Co 5:9-10 too close association with the immoral

The yoke as a symbol of subjection

The yoke of the law Ac 15:10 See also Mt 23:4; Gal 5:1

Israel under the yoke of enemies Dt 28:47-48; Jer 27:2 Jeremiah symbolically portrays the coming Babylonian exile. See also Isa 47:6; Jer 27:8,11-13 Hananiah’s prophecy of an early end to Babylonian oppression will be proved false: Jer 28:2-4,10-14
La 1:14; La 3:27; Hos 10:11

The yoke of other masters Ge 27:40 Esau will throw off the yoke of Jacob. The people’s complaint about harsh servitude under Solomon is ignored by Rehoboam: 1Ki 12:4 pp 2Ch 10:4; 1Ki 12:9-11 pp 2Ch 10:9-11; 1Ki 12:14 pp 2Ch 10:14 God’s people are urged to lift the yoke of injustice and oppression from their fellows: Isa 58:6,9
1Ti 6:1 Slaves are to respect their masters.

God breaks the yoke of oppression Eze 34:27; Hos 11:4 Egypt’s yoke broken: Ex 6:6-7; Lev 26:13; Eze 30:18 Assyria’s yoke broken: Isa 9:4; Isa 10:27; Isa 14:25; Na 1:13
Jer 30:8 Babylon’s yoke broken

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