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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4690 wings
4690 wings

4690 wings

Limbs which enable flight. In Scripture these are mainly used either of angelic beings or in various symbolic senses, especially of God’s protection.

Wings of birds or insects

Ge 7:14; Lev 1:17; Job 39:13,26; Isa 18:1

Clean and unclean winged creatures Lev 11:13-25; Dt 14:11-20; Ac 10:12-15

Wings of angelic beings

Cherubim Ex 25:20 See also Ex 37:9; 1Ki 8:6-7 pp 2Ch 5:7-8; 1Ch 28:18; 2Ch 3:11-13; Eze 1:5-25; Eze 3:13; Eze 10:5-22

Other angelic beings Isa 6:2 See also Isa 6:6; Rev 4:8

Wings as a metaphor of protection

Birds protect their young Dt 32:11; Isa 34:15; Mt 23:37 pp Lk 13:34

God’s protection likened to a bird’s wings Ps 91:4 See also Ex 19:4; Ru 2:12; Ps 17:8; Ps 36:7; Ps 57:1; Ps 61:4; Ps 63:7; Isa 31:5

Egypt’s protection likened to an eagle’s wings Eze 17:7 Zedekiah’s fruitless appeal to Egypt for help against Babylon

Wings as a metaphor for God’s judgment

Judgment on Israel Dt 28:49 See also Isa 8:7-8; Eze 17:3-4; Hos 8:1; Hab 1:8; Zec 5:9

Judgment on others Jer 48:40; Jer 49:22; Rev 9:9

Other figurative uses of wings

God rides on the wings of the wind 2Sa 22:11 pp Ps 18:10 See also Ps 104:3

God renews his people’s strength Isa 40:31

Israel described as a winged bird See also Ps 68:13; Isa 10:14

Wings symbolise the ability to escape Ps 55:6 See also Rev 12:14

Wings symbolise instability Pr 23:5 See also Ecc 10:20

Wings symbolise strength Da 7:6 See also Da 7:4

Wings of the dawn Ps 139:9

Wings of the sun Mal 4:2 God is likened to the rays of the sun.

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