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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4687 snake
4687 snake

4687 snake

A reptile, often associated with cunning and danger, or occasionally with satanic temptation.

Snakes as crawling reptiles

Ge 3:14 See also Isa 65:25; Mic 7:17

Snakes are dangerous

Both to animals and human beings Ge 49:17 See also Ge 3:15; Ex 4:3; Ex 7:9-13; Pr 23:32; Ecc 10:8,11; Isa 30:6; Ac 28:3-6

Some are poisonous Isa 14:29 See also Dt 8:15; Dt 32:33; Job 20:14,16; Rev 9:19

They were sometimes used to bring God’s judgment 1Co 10:9 See also Nu 21:4-6; Am 5:19; Am 9:3

They may be overcome Ps 91:13 See also Mk 16:18; Lk 10:19

One day they will be rendered harmless Isa 11:8

Snakes used symbolically

Of Israel’s enemies See also Isa 27:1; Jer 46:22; Jer 51:34

Of cunning and intelligence Mt 10:16

Of something harmful Mt 7:9-10 pp Lk 11:11

Of the ungodly Ps 58:4-5 See also Ps 140:3; Mt 3:7; Mt 12:34; Mt 23:33; Ro 3:13

Of Satan Rev 12:9 See also Ge 3:1-13; 2Co 11:3; Rev 20:2

Of salvation Jn 3:14-15 See also Nu 21:7-9; 2Ki 18:4

See also

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