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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4681 ram
4681 ram

4681 ram

The male sheep, part of an agrarian economy and used in sacrifice. Its skin had value and its horn was used in worship.

Rams as part of an agrarian economy

Ge 31:38 See also Ge 32:14; Dt 32:14; 2Ki 3:4; Eze 27:21; Eze 34:17

Rams were used for religious purposes

As sacrificial victims Ge 22:13 See also Nu 23:2; 1Sa 15:22; 1Ch 15:26; Mic 6:7

In the making of a covenant Ge 15:9-10

For guilt offerings Lev 5:15 See also Lev 5:16-19; Lev 6:6; Lev 19:21-22; Nu 5:8; 2Ch 29:21; Ezr 10:19

For fellowship or burnt offerings Lev 9:4 See also Lev 9:1-3; Lev 16:3-5; Nu 6:14-17; Nu 7:17; Nu 15:6-7; Nu 28:11; Nu 29:2; Eze 43:23-24; Eze 46:4

For Aaron’s ordination

Lev 8:22 See also Ex 29:1-34; Lev 8:23-30

The ram’s skin brought as an offering for the construction of the tabernacle

Ex 26:14 See also Ex 25:5; Ex 35:7; Ex 36:19

The ram’s horn

Ps 81:3 See also Ex 19:13; Jos 6:4; 1Ch 15:28; Ps 98:6

Daniel’s vision of the ram

Da 8:3 See also Da 8:4-8,20

See also

7435sacrifice, in OT
7459tabernacle, in OT

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