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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4666 lion
4666 lion

4666 lion

An important animal in the natural history of Palestine; a symbol of power and strength.

Lions seen as a threat to life

Da 6:7 See also Jdg 14:5; 1Ki 13:24-28; 1Ki 20:36; Da 6:24

God’s deliverance from lions

Da 6:22 See also 1Sa 17:34-37; 2Ti 4:17; Heb 11:33

The figurative use of lions

As powerful Job 10:16 See also Ge 49:9; Ps 22:13,21

As cunning Ps 10:9 See also Ps 17:12; La 3:10

As fearsome Jer 12:8; Jer 51:38

As voracious Ps 7:2 See also Ps 35:17; Ps 57:4; Jer 2:30; Zep 3:3

They are not invincible Ps 34:10 See also Job 4:10-11; Ps 58:6; Ps 91:13

Jesus Christ is likened to a lion Rev 5:5

Satan is likened to a lion 1Pe 5:8

The lion in God’s new creation

Isa 11:6 See also Isa 65:25

Lions as a decoration

1Ki 7:29,36; 1Ki 10:20

Samson’s riddle concerning a lion

Jdg 14:12-18

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