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4663 lamb

A common source of clothing and meat, this animal was given heightened significance by its place in the Jewish sacrificial system and was used figuratively of Jesus Christ.

The economic importance of lambs

As food 2Sa 12:4 See also Dt 28:4; Am 6:4

As a means of exchange Ge 30:32 See also 2Ki 3:4

The sacrificial significance of lambs

Their general use Ge 22:7 See also Ex 29:38; Lev 3:7; Lev 14:12,24; 1Sa 7:9

The Passover lamb Ex 12:21 See also Ex 12:3,7; 2Ch 30:15-17; Ezr 6:20; Lk 22:7

The best had to be chosen Nu 6:14 See also Lev 4:32; Lev 23:12; Nu 28:3-4,11; Eze 46:4

They were costly Lev 12:8 See also Ex 34:20

The figurative use of lambs

In general Ps 114:4; Lk 10:3 See also Isa 40:11; Isa 65:25; Jer 11:19; Jn 21:15

Describing Jesus Christ and his work Jn 1:36; 1Pe 1:18-19 See also Ac 8:32; Isa 53:7; 1Co 5:7; Rev 5:12; Rev 22:3

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