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4654 horn

4654 horn

The hard, pointed growth on the heads of certain animals; a projection resembling such a growth. The horns of animals were regarded as symbols of strength. In apocalyptic writings, horns may denote various powers and enemies of God. Altars were made with horn-like corner projections.

Horns of animals

See also Ge 22:13 Some species of owls have “horns” (or “tufts”): Lev 11:16; Dt 14:15
Ps 22:21; Ps 69:31

Uses of animal horns

As musical instruments Ex 19:13; Jos 6:4; 1Ch 15:28; 2Ch 15:14; Ps 81:3; Ps 98:6; Da 3:5,7,10,15; Hos 5:8

As oil containers 1Sa 16:1,13; 1Ki 1:39

Uses of imitation horns

As projections at corners of altars Ex 27:2; Ex 29:12; Ex 30:2-3,10; Ex 37:25-26; Ex 38:2; Lev 4:7,18,25,30,34; Lev 8:15; Lev 9:9; Lev 16:18; 1Ki 1:50-51; 1Ki 2:28; Ps 118:27; Jer 17:1; Eze 43:15,20; Am 3:14; Rev 9:13

As prophetic signs 1Ki 22:11 pp 2Ch 18:10

Horns as symbols of strength

Describing God’s saving power 2Sa 22:2-3 pp Ps 18:2 See also Lk 1:69

Describing human strength Dt 33:17 See also 1Sa 2:1,10; Ps 75:10; Ps 89:17,24; Ps 92:10; Ps 112:9; Ps 132:17; Ps 148:14; Jer 48:25; La 2:3,17; Eze 29:21; Eze 34:21; Mic 4:13

Symbolising the power of world rulers and enemies of God Da 7:7-25; Da 8:3-4,5-11,19-22; Zec 1:18-21; Rev 12:3-9; Rev 13:1-6,11-14; Rev 17:3-8,12-17

Symbolising the power of Jesus Christ Rev 5:6

See also

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5421musical instruments

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