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4651 goat

4651 goat

A common animal used both for food and within the sacrificial system.

The economic importance of goats

For food Ge 27:9; Jdg 13:15 See also Dt 14:4,21; Jdg 6:19; Pr 27:27; Lk 15:29

For fabric Ex 35:26 The tabernacle curtains were spun from goat hair, the ordinary material for making tents. See also Ex 26:7; Ex 36:14; Rev 6:12

As a measure of wealth and payment Ge 30:32; 1Sa 25:2 See also Ge 32:5,13-14; Ge 47:17; Pr 27:26; Eze 27:21

Goats used in sacrifice

For worship Ge 15:9; Jdg 13:19; Ps 66:13-15

For atonement for sin Lev 4:23; Ezr 8:35 See also Lev 3:12; Lev 4:28; Lev 5:6; Lev 9:3; Nu 7:16,22,28; Nu 15:27

As a fellowship offering Nu 7:17,23,29

At the dedication of the temple 1Ki 8:63 pp 2Ch 7:5 See also 2Ch 30:24; Ezr 6:17

Flawless goats were required Ex 12:5 See also Lev 1:10; Eze 43:22

The sacrifice of goats is unable to actually remove sins

Isa 1:11 In spite of their many sacrifices there was no evidence of repentance; Heb 9:12-14; Heb 10:3-4

Goats are symbolic of sinful humanity

Mt 25:32

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