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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4627 creatures
4627 creatures

4627 creatures

Generally, living beings within God’s creation, especially the exotic animals seen in visions, which often have a deep symbolic significance.

Creatures representing angelic beings who worship God

Eze 1:5-6; Rev 4:6-8 The strange creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation seem to stand for the fulness and variety of God’s creation. See also Eze 1:7-25; Eze 3:12-13; Eze 10:15-22 The creatures are here identified as cherubim; Rev 4:9-11; Rev 5:6-14; Rev 6:1-3,5-6; Rev 7:11; Rev 14:3; Rev 15:7; Rev 19:4

Creatures representing kings or kingdoms

Da 7:17; Da 8:20-21 The “beasts” here are unnatural, and represent the hostility of human empires to the rule of God. The horns represent individual kings within an imperial dynasty.

Creatures representing Satan

The beast here represents Satan, with the horns representing royal authority at a time of Roman persecution of the church: Rev 12:3-4,7-9; Rev 13:1
Da 7:2-8,19-26; Da 8:3-12; Rev 11:7; Rev 13:2-8,11-18; Rev 17:3,7-13

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