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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4604 animals, nature of
4604 animals, nature of

4604 animals, nature of

As a class within the created order, their variety reflects God’s generous giving. He makes human beings their stewards, though they themselves come into the category of creatures.

Animals in their profusion

Ge 1:24-25 See also Ge 7:1-3,13-16; Ge 8:15-19; Ps 50:9-11; Ps 148:7-10; Isa 43:20; Eze 36:11

Animals as illustrated by their variety

Isa 11:6-8 See also Ex 23:12 Ox, donkey; Ex 25:3-5 Goat, sea cow; Lev 11:4-7 Rabbit, pig; Lev 11:29-30 Weasel, rat; Nu 19:2 Heifer; Dt 14:4-5 Deer, gazelle, antelope; 1Sa 17:34-35 Sheep, bear, lion; Job 40:15-24 possibly the hippopotamus; Job 41:1-34 possibly the crocodile; Ps 58:4 Snake; Ps 105:30 Frog; SS 2:15 Fox; Isa 13:21-22 Jackal, wild goat, hyena; Isa 51:8 Worm

Human beings within the animal creation

As part of creation Ge 2:7; Ecc 3:18-21 See also Ps 49:12

Significantly different from the rest of creation Ge 1:26-27

Human beings as stewards of the animal kingdom

Ps 8:6-8 See also Ge 1:26-28; Ge 2:19-20; Ge 9:1-2; Heb 2:6-8; Jas 3:7-8

Animals as the objects of divine, and therefore human, care

Ge 9:8-10 See also Ge 8:1; Ex 9:4-6; 2Ki 3:17; Job 5:23; Job 38:39-41; Job 39:1-30; Ps 104:20-21; Pr 12:10; Pr 27:23; Joel 2:22; Jnh 4:11

Animals and Noah’s ark

Ge 7:13-23

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