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4554 yeast

4554 yeast

A raising agent commonly used in bread. Bread that was required quickly was baked without yeast, as at the first Passover, commemorated annually in the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Although some non-meat offerings contained yeast, it could not be burned on the altar.

Unleavened bread was made without yeast

Ex 12:39 See also Ge 19:3; Ex 12:8-11,34; Jdg 6:17-19; 1Sa 28:24-25

The consumption of yeast was prohibited during the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Ex 12:14-15 See also Ex 12:17-20; Ex 13:3,6-7; Ex 23:15,18; Ex 34:18; Lev 23:6; Nu 28:17; Dt 16:1-4; Eze 45:21

Sacrifices burned on the altar were not to contain yeast

Lev 2:11 See also Ex 29:1-3,22-24; Ex 34:25; Lev 2:4-5; Lev 6:16-17; Lev 7:12-13; Lev 8:2-3,26; Lev 10:12; Nu 6:14-15,19

Some offerings contained yeast

Lev 23:17

Yeast as an image of the kingdom of God

Mt 13:33 pp Lk 13:20-21

Metaphorical references to yeast as something evil

1Co 5:6-8 See also Mt 16:5-12 pp Mk 8:14-21; Lk 12:1-3; Gal 5:2-12

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