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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4500 poison
4500 poison

4500 poison

A substance obtained from plants or animals that can cause illness, pain, disability or death. It is often used symbolically to refer to distress or bitterness.

Kinds of poison

Poison from plants, water or food Ex 15:23; Dt 32:32; 2Ki 2:19-22; 2Ki 4:39-40; Hos 10:4

Poison from animals or reptiles Nu 21:6; Dt 32:24,33

Poison used symbolically

To refer to distress In these incidences God himself is portrayed as the one who brings such bitter experiences: Job 6:4; Jer 8:14; Jer 9:15; Jer 23:15

To refer to evil and its effects Job 20:12-16 See also Dt 29:18; Dt 32:32-33; Ps 58:4; Pr 23:32; Isa 14:29; Jer 8:17; Am 6:12; Ac 14:2; Ro 3:13; Ps 140:1-3; Jas 3:8; Rev 9:5

See also

9210judgment, God’s

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