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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4490 ointment
4490 ointment

4490 ointment

A liquid blend of aromatic substances, usually spices, used as a cosmetic and also as a medicinal balm. Lotions were applied to the body to refresh, to improve appearance and to give a pleasing fragrance. Balm, especially from Gilead, was used to soothe pain and to heal wounds.

Preparation of ointment

Job 41:31 One way of making ointment was to crush solid ingredients and boil them together in olive oil.

Preparation of the holy anointing oil Ex 35:28 See also Ex 25:6 pp Ex 35:8; Ex 30:23-25,33 The holy anointing oil was to be prepared only by those authorised to do so.

Ointments made from blended spices 2Ch 16:14; SS 3:6; Lk 23:56

Containers for ointment

Isa 3:20 Ointments kept in alabaster boxes increased in quality, and so in value, with age: Mt 26:7 pp Mk 14:3
Lk 7:37

Uses of ointment

As a cosmetic lotion Ru 3:3 See also Est 2:12; SS 1:12; Eze 16:9
Ps 104:15 See also 2Sa 12:20; 2Sa 14:2; Ecc 9:8; Da 10:3; Mt 6:17; Ex 30:32

To anoint the heads of guests Ps 23:5 See also Ps 133:2 This may reflect the custom of anointing a guest with perfumed ointment which melted and ran down the face and clothes to produce a pleasing fragrance; Lk 7:46

To anoint the dead Mt 26:12 pp Mk 14:8 See also Jn 12:7; Ge 50:2-3,26; Mk 16:1 pp Lk 24:1; Jn 19:39-40

Expensive ointments

Mt 26:8-9 pp Mk 14:4-5 (Spike)nard was an expensive import from India. See also Pr 21:17; SS 4:13-14; Am 6:6 The use of expensive ointments was a mark of luxury; Jn 12:5

Ointment used in healing

Oil used to soothe and heal Isa 1:6 See also Ps 55:21; Lk 10:34

Medicinal balm Jer 8:22 Gilead was famous for its healing balsam. See also 2Ch 28:15; Jer 46:11; Jer 51:8

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