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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4480 milk
4480 milk

4480 milk

A common source of food and nourishment, associated with rich and productive land. The term is also used figuratively as a form of spiritual food suitable for those who have yet to reach maturity in the Christian faith.

Milk as a source of nourishment

Dt 32:13-14 See also Ge 18:8; Jdg 4:19; 2Sa 17:29; Pr 27:27; Eze 25:4; 1Co 9:7 illustrating the support of the ministry

Milk as an indication of prosperity and well-being

Dt 6:3 A frequent description of the promised land; Isa 55:1 See also Ex 3:8; Lev 20:24; Nu 13:27; Isa 7:22; Isa 60:16; Eze 20:6; Joel 3:18

Laws concerning milk

Ex 23:19; Ex 34:26; Dt 14:21

Elementary Christian teaching likened to milk

Heb 5:12-13 See also 1Co 3:2; 1Pe 2:2

Milk used figuratively

Pr 30:33 See also Ge 49:12; Job 10:10; SS 4:11; SS 5:12; La 4:7

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