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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4474 manna
4474 manna

4474 manna

The source of food provided miraculously for the children of Israel during their desert wanderings. The NT sees this heavenly food as a symbol of Jesus Christ as the bread of life.

Manna provided by God

Ex 16:31; Jos 5:12 See also Ex 16:32-35; Nu 11:6-9; Ne 9:15; Ps 78:24-25; Jn 6:31,49; Heb 9:4

Manna as a type

A type of the word of God Dt 8:3 See also Dt 8:16; Ne 9:20; Mt 4:4

A type of Jesus Christ Jn 6:50-51 See also Jn 6:32-35,47-48,52-58

A symbol of future blessing Rev 2:17

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