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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4468 horticulture
4468 horticulture

4468 horticulture

The art of garden cultivation, first practised in the Garden of Eden.

Horticulture in the Garden of Eden

The man and woman tended the garden Ge 2:15-23

The fall brought about a change in human priorities from horticulture to agriculture Ge 3:17-19 See also Ge 4:2

Egyptian agriculture is likened to horticulture

Dt 11:10-11

Horticulture is totally dependent on good irrigation

Isa 58:11 See also Ge 2:4-14; Ge 13:10; Nu 24:5-7; Job 8:16; SS 4:12,15; Isa 51:3; Jer 31:12

Those who practised horticulture

Kings Ecc 2:5-6 See also 1Ki 21:2; 2Ki 21:18,26; 2Ki 25:4 pp Jer 39:4 pp Jer 52:7; Ne 3:15; Est 1:5-6; Est 7:7-8; SS 8:13

Common people Jer 29:28 See also Jer 29:1-7; Jn 19:41

Gardeners Jn 20:15 See also Isa 5:7; Jn 15:1

Kinds of horticulture

Vegetable gardens 1Ki 21:2

Fruit gardens Am 9:14 See also Ge 2:16-17; Ge 3:1-3

Herb gardens Lk 11:42 See also SS 6:2; Mt 13:31-32 pp Mk 4:31-32 pp Lk 13:19

Horticultural diseases and pestilence

Am 4:9

See also

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6154fall, the

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